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Create & Prosper workshops is a business rooted in a long history of art making, teaching, and facilitating others. Our tag line is ‘You are as unique as a work of Art’ because we are proud to work with a range of disadvantaged adults and using Art for well-being purposes. Focusing on processes over end products our making experiences are about the feel good factor and a mindful approach to combating the stresses of modern life.

Art media that we use include; silk & ceramic painting; clay work; printing; image transfer; stained glass; casting and a range of other processes, for more information please get in touch.

Emma Bailey’s varied personal art practice spans over 30 years,  Find out more about Emma here.

Person-Centred Sessions

We work with a wide range of people who may find conventional large workshops a challenge.  This may include:

  • People on the autistic spectrum
  • Adults with learning difficulties
  • Adults mental health considerations
  • Young people with unwanted or challenging thoughts
  • Adults with long term health conditions
  • Early Stage Dementia

We’ve found that keeping our workshop sizes small increases the personalised support, calm environment, and raises the therapeutic benefit. What makes us unique in delivering these sessions is that we use a person-centred approach moreover, we have lived experience with self management of health issues and know the value and role art plays in this. Therefore, when you combine a history of qualifications and a passion for art practice and people, Create & Prosper can deliver the whole package.


At Create & Prosper we understand that business’ value their employees and want them to reach their full potential at work. Whilst stress and wellbeing are currently an ever prevalent consideration in corporate life, we can provide you, as an organisation, with a wealth of opportunities by tailoring workshops to your needs around:

  • Team Building
  • Phased Return from Sickness
  • Decreased Downtime & Improved Productivity
  • Employee Rewards


Fun for 3-103+ Year Olds

Whether you attend a public workshops or you book a party or 1-1 session(s), we guarantee you will enjoy the experience and gain the feel good factor. See party packages here.


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To contact us and find out more about Create and Prosper workshops please visit our about us page. We are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have and offer advice.