Workshops Available

Cafe workshops are a fun and relaxed way of having some time to yourself or with a friend. Learn a new skill, or develop an area of interest. Meet a range of people, and share the ‘making experience’ in a small friendly group.

Create & Prosper keep groups intentionally small (usually max 8 places) in order to promote an enthusiastic cheerful environment. Prices of workshops will vary due to fluctuating prices of host locations and materials.

Regular ‘workshoppers’ can earn discounts with our purple spot loyalty cards. 10% discount is also available when two places are booked together. Simply click on the workshop link of your choice and follow the directions…..

Contact Create and Prosper

To contact us and find out more about Create and Prosper workshops please visit our about us page. We are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have and offer advice.